Saturday, January 30, 2010

Posting Schedule

conceptual sketchbook drawings

It's coming up within the month: The premiere of "The Jolly Hank" web comic. We're scheduled to launch on Feb 20th, which is a Saturday. I've decided to keep that as the official launch date, actual pages of the story will come a couple days later. On Feb. 20th, I'm going to post the cover and credit pages, as if it was a regular book. Then on Feb. 22nd, I'm going to post Page 1.

I have 2 reasons for this:

First of all, Feb 22nd is on a Monday, and I thought "what better way to start someone's work week than be giving them a kick ass web comic to check up on every Monday morning." Better than spending your Saturday Night doing that right?

Secondly, February 22nd is the Wedding Anniversary of the real life Amy and Dan, whose wedding kicked off this whole concept which has occupied most of my life for the past 2 years. What better launch date than on the 2nd Anniversary of D.A.N. and Captain Amy?

So to recap: Saturday, February 20th I will post the cover and credit page and Monday February 22nd will be the first posting of the story pages.

My posting schedule after that will be as follows: A 2-page spread will be posted every Monday. Every Thursday will be an additional post of the inks-only version of those pages.

Keep checking back as February 20th approaches. Get yer booties in gear and spread the word.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking for Something Good to Read?

If you're in need of something compelling to read, just hang on because "The Jolly Hank" web comic is launching soon. Saturday, February 20 is the initial launch date for this epic comic adventure. More details are to come in the next few weeks, so check back often, right here for updates on the comic's progress, merchandise, contests and more.
The Jolly Hank is less than one month away, so get yer bootys ready Scurvy Dogs!